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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  December 3, 2012 8:00am-9:00am PST

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the latest play was to put the president's point man treasury secretary geithner up front and center on five different sunday morning talk shows. geithner predicting this fight will come down a single word taxes and he's betting on the house, the white house. now the other side of the aisle republican front man house speaker john boehner is sending the white house a message that the president's no more mr. nice guy approach is the wrong approach. >> i think they won the election, must have foregotten republicans continue told the majority in house to. but, the president's idea of a negotiation is roll over and do what i ask. we need to find common ground and we need to find it quickly. >> top republicans used words like stalemate and nowhere to go describe the current state of play. others within their party are taking it one step further telling americans they should be prepared for the punch.
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>> i thank the president and tim geithner for re-energizing the republican caucus. >> i think we're going over the cliff. it's pretty clear to me they made a political calculation. >> with both sides looking like they are dig in but cementing in and the calendar page ticking down what does it take to play let's make a deal. >> let's see how big yours is versus mine in the earnings of their plans. >> everybody should just go to sleep, wake up on december 14th when there's about a week to go and then you'll start seeing the serious stuff come up. >> we've all been trying to game this out too. will we be here between christmas and new year's. will members be decorating their offices for 2013? >> okay. let's get started here this monday morning and joining me is congresswoman allison schwartz a member of the house budget
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committee. greet to have you with me. it was boehner versus geithner on the sunday talk shows after saying earlier he was optimistic a deal could be reached. here was speaker boehner yesterday not so optimistic. >> right now i would say we're nowhere. period. we're nowhere. we've put a serious offer on the table by putting revenues up there to try to get this question resolved. but the white house has respond with virtually nothing. they asked for more revenue than they have been asking the whole entire time. >> what are the chances we'll go over the live? >> there's clearly a chance. >> there's clearly a chance. congresswoman do you believe there's a chance we'll go over the cliff and will democrats as speaker boehner is saying they are not offering anything serious? >> i think that the words were pretty strong ones from speaker boehner and he obviously has a serious role to play as we go
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forward and what he's always said and our republican leadership has said the president should put a proposal on the table end he did. they decided to reject it immediately. of course that's the beginning of a discussion but it's very consistent with what the president has been offering and suggesting all the way through which is we do need to have a balanced approach. we know we cannot deal with a serious deficit problem in this country as well as meeting our obligation to americans as well as making sure we protect the middle class. so he's put out a serious proposal of revenues and spending cuts and economic growth that does strengthen the middle class and get that economic growth. that's perfectly good starting point. the fact that speaker boehner rejected that, we're in a tough spot right now. what the republican leadership in the house has to do is say look here's what we want to do, here's what we believe we should do. they have to understand that the president won, the democrats gained seats in the house and the senate.
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the american people have said find that common ground, the beginning of that common ground is make sure we protect the tax cuts for the middle class. make sure we don't hurt the fragile economic recovery in the short term and let's deal with protecting medicare and deficit reduction for the long term. >> there's a piece in the "new york times" talking about the president's new negotiate i want aing style. it said mr. obama scattered by failed negotiations in his first term and emboldened by his re-election has shown to be a dlimp different negotiate or. the white house reminded people what the president basically campaigned on saying that everybody knew going in what they were getting re-lecting th this stifle president. does he walk with confidence of re-election under his belt and is this the way it's going to
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go, nor mr. nice guy approach? >> i think the president believes very strongly that we can't repeat the mistakes of the past. that going back to tax cuts for the wealthiest americans, hoping that trickles down the rest of us have failed us for well over a decade. what we need to do instead is be serious about protecting the middle class and the republicans agree with that. don't hold those tax breaks for millionaires hostage. let's reduce taxes for the middle class. that's something that we all agree on fine let's get it done. if we believe we need to make certain investments which we do to grow the economy, in infrastructure and innovation and making sure america is always on the cutting-edge of new entrepreneurship, the fact is that we want to do that, the president has put that forward, the election does make a difference, the president is absolutely strong about this. look i was just with him on friday. he came to my district. was at a business. they are showing some of that
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video right now. local business in my district that was a toy manufacturer and what they said to the president, what they said to me is we, we make more toys when there's consumer demand. let's make sure that middle class americans have dollars in their pockets, they continue to have confidence as consumers or grow that confidence and that our businesses, large and small respond to that, that they begin to see so stability. this is time when we're calling on speaker boehner to work with the president, to work with democrats in congress, and to get done what we have to get done, the american people, middle class and businesses, let's create that stability and confidence that this economy needs. >> we'll let you get back network. thank you for joining me. i appreciate it. i want to go ahead and bring in our monday political power panel. look at this. i got everybody at one big
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table. great. susan i want to start with you. abc is reporting there could be this doomsday plan among the gop. it would involve allowing a vote on extending the bush era tax cuts, republicans would vote present and allow to it pass with only democratic votes allowing the president nothing more. when you hear something like that is that something you're hearing? >> think is act two of the political theater that we're seeing down in washington, the first act was rather comical with president obama's opening bid. now we have the republicans response to that. we'll see what happens in act three. right now let's face it there is a framework in place. it's simpson-bowles and the basis of the 2011 negotiations. not much is going to change from that. so when we're looking forward what needs to be done there's not a lot of options on the table. and the president does have to be concerned while he does have polls on his side, the fact is he does not want to start his second term off his legacy term
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in a recession, which if we go off the fiscal cliff that will happen. so it's not good for him and not good for the country and not good -- >> sthnt a bisn't this a buyer'? >> that's the issue. we talk about fining a solution the democrats -- they need one too. the fact is that they have to help the republicans get to the pathway of yes instead of forcing them down the road of no. so this does have to be a negotiation. don't you think? >> come on now. >> they really do. >> sound it out. >> in roll call today a day after november election speaker john boehner said republicans are ready to be led by president barack obama. top of their dismay they feel they are being bullied instead. leadership as i've always known to it be is about casting vision, calling people to rise up, to be better than they are and better than they think they can be. they asked for leadership. the president casts it.
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now they are like a dog on a leash that doesn't want to go outside. >> i find it ironic the republicans are complaining. remember their negotiating posture for the last four years has been here's how you negotiate. do what we say. that's been it. that's what the republicans have offered was nothing. now we've seen turn about is fairplay. look, the democrats can afford to let december 31st pass. they really can. because a recession wouldn't happen the next day. what would happen at least acdorgd the polls the public would blame republicans for not compromising and republicans will be in this box where the only reason they didn't say yes because the millionaire tax cut wasn't include. the republicans left themselves in a position where they are only defending tax cuts for the very rich and the vast majority of americans, most of them by the way don't make $250,000 a year in their households are saying why your stopping this deal from happening just so the rich get the tax cuts. >> as you point out the ripple
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effects won't be felt for some time. the immediate perception will be felt. there's an argument that going over the cliff might not be total disaster. that kproit duce a larger economy in the long run. when we couple that with the fact both sides feel they have a mandate on taxes is there a benefit to going over the cliff and figuring out from the bottom? >> from the democratic point of view this is really simple. if you look at the economics and you look at the politics of this, there's one simple inescapable fact which is for millionaires and billionaires taxes will go up. the president ran on this. the country is with him on this. look at the economics it the only way to address the problem is to cut taxes on millionaires or billionaires. the other option for our republican friends, if they want to make the decision and tell the country that their message is they want to address this problem by cutting programs for poor people and for sick grand mothers they can do that. >> i don't know of any
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reasonable democrat who doesn't say there needs be work done on entitlement reform. without a doubt. you hear it from everybody. even the president agrees we have to cut spending. so it's not just about the taxes. we all know that. republicans came out and said after the election, we lost, we know we have to put revenue on the table, but for republicans to get there, let's put some serious spending cuts on the table and that's the pathway to yes. and if the democrats decide okay we can afford the fiscal cliff, they are going to have it wrapped around them. it's not going the republicans blamed for this, it's the democrats because for the next three weeks they will say we can afford to go off the fiscal cliff. >> when we talk about that let's show what grover norquist had to say. he's the anti-tax pledge crusader. this is what he had to say yesterday. >> tea party two will dwarf tea party one if obama pushes us off the cliff. >> that's like say anaconda two
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will dwarf anaconda one. the sequel will be more intense. a poll find out last week that they found a majority of americans will blame the republicans in congress not the president for failure to make the deal. as we hear what grover says you see at any time other way. you say it will be the democrats. >> it could be. depending on what happens. if they keep posturing we can go off the fiscal cliff it won't be such a big deal i don't think that's where most democrats will end up. you they are president and a lot of people down in washington saying they don't want to go off the fiscal cliff. as far as grover norquist notices, i don't think republicans should be caving to a special interest of one, frankly. we do see some brave republicans coming out there and they should be supported because they are about finding a solution. >> i want to show this tomb the president playing golf with former president bill clinton. how much do you think fiscal cliff was coming up during their golf rounds? >> i'm sure they talked about it
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because president clinton is a political wonk. what bill clinton showed during his presidency is that there's a way to show common ground with republicans who hate you. they impeached bill clinton but made a deal. they made a deal that was nor the right of where most democrats are. this president has a unique opportunity to make a deal for more towards his left. remember dick cheney said to -- speaking of sequels. remember when dick cheney said you got the high approval ratings you can spend them on the iraq war. republicans what they want is the president to spend some of his popularity and put out unpopular ideas for cuts. democrats don't have an incentive to do that. >> big news. stand by. my thanks. in need to pass along this breaking news from across the pond. we're just learning that prince william and kate middleton are
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expecting. this is news from clarence house. they will be having their first baby. nbc news is working further to confirm this but the rest of the royal family has said to be excited by this news. she was admitted to the hospital this afternoon because of morning sickness. she's pebted to stay in the hospital for a few days. the panel can all agree -- >> republicans and democrats. >> we're all on the same page right here on table. thank you so much. coming up for everybody, ahead a man without a plan. mitt romney has been spotted at disneyland and pumping his own gas. anything to keep busy. what the former romneys are doing about their future. also triumph in the face of tragedy. a victory for the secretary of state chiefs one day after a tragic murder/suicide. big question for you. should president obama stand his ground on tax cuts for the wealthy even if it means going over the cliff. tweet me @thomasaroberts.
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welcome back. govern governor mitt romney is platting his next move. he's considering a return to business maybe something involving charity or the mormon church. he's even thinking about writing a book. one thing he's not interested in ackorcording to the post-is helg the republican party rebuild its brand. the governor is in semiseclusion. there's images of him pumping his own gas. some saying he looks more relaxed. there was the public lunch at the white house with the president. there's the image of him pumping his own gas. how does this compare to the revelation that his wife had thanksgiving dinner from boston
8:19 am
market. very american of them nonetheless sources say he's bored in southern california, the post writing devours news from 2,600 miles away in washington about the fiscal cliff negotiations shaking his head about what if. what is the future for mitt romney within the republican party, if any? >> well it doesn't appear that there's going to be a whole lot of one by his own choice. my colleague did an exhaustive look at what he's been doing. what he's not doing is involving himself in anyway in the political debate. when john mccain lost or john kerry lost they had day jobs to go back to on the hill so thermometer automatically and instantly involved in the debate pep isn't but not showing any inclinton acceleration to be even though we're in a crisis at this moment, particularly the
8:20 am
republican party is crying out for some sort of leadership to have somebody to move people along to a compromise. he conceivably could be that man but he seems to be very much looking intern fiscally. >> it's a small sliver of people alive that can understand exactly what the governor is going through now. but certainly not within the heightened style of election process that we go through now. one romney adviser compared romney with al gore's weight gain and beard after the election saying that most likely will not be happening in terms of letting his discipline go about his lifestyle. however, is it more a choice of romney not be involved with the republican party sore at any time fact that the roeb party has pretty much given him the heisman and pushed him away because of the comments he made since the election, doubling down on those 47% remarks. >> there was that period when he made those ill-advised remarks that obama won because he gave gifts to minorities. that gave people an excuse to
8:21 am
sort of jettison him. when a candidate loses, a lot of the officials in the party want to say it was the candidate's fault, push him out that way. in this case, well maybe he wasn't the best candidate in the world but it's hard to argue that mitt romney lost because he was mitt romney as opposed to having ideas that the public wasn't buying in this case. so, he could still exert some serious influence over this party if he wanted to, engage himself in the debate. maybe he will at some point. not looking that way right now. designee said he was 65 years old but acts more like 45 years old. a very young guy and can be around for a while. thanks so much. another four years in the white house for first lady michelle obama but there's talk about her plans for the future. could they involve the white house in 2016. plus still so many unanswered
8:22 am
questions about what happened and why an nfl player killed his girlfriend before taking his own life. the team and the football league what they can learn from this tragedy.
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breaking news coming to us out of atlanta, georgia. an elementary school has been evacuated after an incident of carbon monoxide poisoning. students and adults were taken to a hospital after being overcome by fumes. a bittersweet victory for the secretary of state chiefs after the murder/suicide. the head coach who watched aso van belcher took his life on saturday spoke about the tragedy after the game. >> it's tough when circumstance happen you can't undo them.
8:26 am
so you have to rely on each other, rely on your family, friend and rely on your faith and that's what the team tried to do. we were able to do that. >> joining me is rob from nbc sports. as we hear more about this story. so tragic. 25 years old. this young man. his girlfriend 22 years old. the parents watch new 3-month-old. do we know any more about why, what was going on behind the scene? >> there's been some talk about some troubles in the relationship between jovan belcher and his girlfriend okay sandra p -- okcassandra perkins. >> there were talks about whether the chiefs would go
8:27 am
ahead with the game. for the coach and for the team, everybody is still scratching their heads because the coach witnessing jovan belcher taking his own life. >> imagine the situation. a day before a game, general manager of the team, coach and assistant coach were trying to talk to belcher, trying to talk him out of what he was about to do. he was holding a gun. none of them felt threatened. they knew he was there not to harm anybody else. he came to thank them for the opportunity that they had given him to be in the nfl and after they tried to talk him out of this act he turned around walked away from them and shot himself in front of all of them and then less than 24 hours later they find themselves getting ready to play a football game. >> a lot more questions than answer. it's no secret some senate republicans would try to prevent susan fries becoming the next secretary of state. apparently she's not the top choice for hillary clinton, the current secretary of state. jimmy williams joins me to break it down. plus a live report on london
8:28 am
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our lattes, espresso and brewed coffee, now in your home. the verismo™ system by starbucks. president obama could name his new secretary of state pick this week and all signs point to u.n. ambassador susan rice as the top contender but republicans. >> signs of backing off their opposition whether or not she would survive a nomination fight is anybody's guess. >> don't know whether he should take on fight north. i know this. that what has happened to susan rice is unfair. >> i don't think she will be nominated. but i've told people certainly i will give her a fair hearing. i do think that the underlying issue here is people have seen her far more as a political operative and not a principal. >> jimmy williams joins me now from our d.c. bureau with more on why this fight over rice
8:32 am
matters. so it was written in the chicago times hillary clinton preferring john kerry. hilary is not close to rice who is tough but not the friendliest person. hilary's brief comment recently that rice had done a great job was considered underwhelming and tepid. if that's true, jimmy, how does john kerry compare to her personality? >> i think what you're seeing here, this has virtually nothing to do with the next secretary of state. and to think that we just finished the elections tomorrow, be four weeks ago. this has everything to do with hillary clinton purportedly running for president in 2016. john kerry, whether he's nominated or not sir relevant and people are saying you got staffers up on the hill saying kerry seat would be in danger. please understand barack obama won massachusetts by almost 25 points. it's not like that seat would be in danger, frankly. so this has everything to do with -- this has nothing to do
8:33 am
with susan rice. she's qualified. this is all about hillary clinton and whether or not she runs for president in 2016. remember, you've got hillary clinton sitting at 70% of approval rating. you have to start the narrative right now. they can't bash or go after hick even though she's secretary of state. direct responsibility for what happened in benghazi falls under the purview of hillary clinton. susan rice is irrelevant. this is about setting up a narrative for the next four wears to go after hillary clinton in four years. that's what this is all about. >> but so if john kerry were to be nominated and as so many people on the right indicated would easily ascend to that position, there has been speculation that that would open up his senate seat, maybe scott brown could swoop in. you say that's not a possibility. >> no. i think it's a possibility because this is politics and that would be special election. but what i'm saying is that we have to look at -- we have to
8:34 am
look at m and a. the president, again, won by almost 25 points. brown lost by eight points to elizabeth warren a servir taurl unknown in the state having already been there for two years. it's not so much kerry's seat is in danger. if john kerry is nominated to be secretary of state or secretary of anything do i think democrats will hold on to that seat? there's a 90% chance the democrats will hold on to that seat. the governor of massachusetts will make that determination. this has nothing to do with john kerry and his seat. >> let's go back to hilary. take a listen to this. they recently played at this in honor of hilary. >> she's taken a life experience in politics, as a mother, as a senator and put that all together in the pinnacle up to now of her public service. >> you've been one of the best secretaries of state in american history. finally hilary a lot has been said about our relationship and here's what i know.
8:35 am
you haven't been one of my closest partners you've become a great friend. >> john mccain and barack obama can agree on one thing how great hillary clinton is. john mccain there right off the top singing her praises. yom who has been out front ripping susan rice apart in front of the media over benghazi. why isn't he going after hilary? >> well, i think he's scared of her. i think many people are scared of her. hell i'm scared of her. hillary clinton is sitting at 70% approval ratings in the country right now. that's a far rise from where she was when she left as first lady and the same for bill clinton. his numbers are through the roof as well. i expect those numbers to come down as we get closer and closer 2016. if john mccain actually were concerned about what happened in benghazi he should be hauling secretary clinton up to the hill to have an inquiry. she's secretary of state.
8:36 am
they are responsible for embassy security but he won't do it. >> jimmy, thank you. the other reason that the rice fight matters host of escalating tensions throughout the middle east. israel is feeling heat today from europe over its decision to expand settlements in the west bank and east jerusalem. at least three countries summoned israeli ambassadors to condemn the action. in egypt new protests today against president morsi and massive protests are called for tomorrow. syria bomb rebels today. secretary clinton says that country is considering using chemical weapons. >> this is a red line for the united states. i'm not going to telegraph in any specifics what we would do in the event of credible evidence. >> joining me now is former state department egypt officer joel reuben. good to have you here.
8:37 am
let's start with that red line where syria is right now. it's estimated more than 40,000 people have been killed in this 20-month-old revolve against the government. these new reports suggesting the fresh activity at syrian chemical weapons depots. earlier this year the president singled out that threat posed by chemical weapons as a cause for greater u.s. involvement. now secretary clinton giving this warning. where do you see this headed? >> this is a very overt declaration by the secretary. it's been estimated it would take about 75,000 troops to secure these chemical weapon sites if they are used. syria has never acknowledged having them but acknowledged that when responding said they would not use them. so that issue is becoming very concerning as wellington as along the border of turkey, multiple infractions along that border. today vladimir putin is meeting with the turkish prime minister to talk about the situation.
8:38 am
it's entering into a phase of deeper concern as the rebels don't make advances and capture territory and gain more international legitimacy. >> will the u.s. get into the public business ever supplying we fons the syrian rebels? >> right now that does not seem to be the case. others are, qatar and others in the region are supplying man portable air defense systems, shooting down planes as a result and helicopters of the syrian army. in two weeks or so there will be a conference to confer legitimacy on the opposition from a political standpoint. the u.s. right now is mostly supplying humanitarian articles but the pressure is rising on the military side but doesn't appear any indication they will do that yet. >> on thursday the u.n. again ram assembly voted to recognize palestine as a state. and now we have the news of israel announcing on friday expanding its settlement in the west bank and east jerusalem. on top of that britain, france and sweden summoned the israeli
8:39 am
ambassadors to their country to condemn this move and france and england have said there is an appetite to disapprove of israel right now. what's happening to the tense situation there? >> the israeli response of calling for a settlement construction is a response that's viewed negatively across the international community by the united states as well as in many parts of israel itself. so it's a move intended to play to the base of benjamin netanyahu's core constituency. it doesn't help build confidence in a diplomatic process. this reiterates why the united states does need to be involved and engaged in resolving this issue. both side right now are using international pressure points to try to make their arguments and really are stuck in a stalemate. >> joel rubin. great to have you here. thank you, sir. of course the big breaking news we told you earlier from
8:40 am
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big news for the royal family as we've been telling you about. it's about to get a little bit bigger. the duchess of cambridge is pregnant. we go live to thrown for the details. we have the confirmation from cam bring house, correct? >> reporter: absolutely right. we have confirm jaation from th palace. the palace announcing in the last half an hour or so or a little longer the royal i hadness, duke and duchess of cambridge is expecting a baby. now our understanding is that she has gone into hospital because she's suffering from what the palace is describing as acute morning sickness which means she needs specialist treatment, she needs extra i had transition and nutrient, water and minerals and that sort of
8:44 am
thing to protect the safety of the baby so it looks as if she's had to go into hospital and that may have prompted this announcement because my understanding is that if it isn't past the 1 week, crucial 12 week points we don't know what stage the pregnancy is at. the doctors have taken this cautious step to take her into hospital and treat it as acute morning sickness. i suspect the palace thought they would need to make this announcement because people would say why is kate in the hospital. there have been all of these rumors. we had the people watching the duke and duchess when they were on tour and the fact that she wasn't drinking alcohol and asked why is she drinking water. even recently when they visited cambridge, prince william was given a baby gift and he said oh, thank you very much oil hold on to that. why does he want to hold on to this thing unless there's some news to announce. now we know there is. of course this announcement a little earlier than the palace
8:45 am
wanted to be. very exciting news. >> we're showing so everybody knows that's fresh video of the duchess from friday playing field hockey. this will more heightened scrutiny on her activities especially if she's having hard time in the first several weebs. >> absolutely. the doctors of course want to be cautious. remember this baby, whether girl or boy will be third in line to the throne, will be the future king or queen of england after charles, after william. so v-very important birth. when you go back in the history books, by the way, it was an incredibly careful occasion that the birth of a future sovereign, in fact even the british home secretary, the interior minister had to be there in the room at the point of birth in order to verify that this was a royal birth and, you know, a new baby that would be in line for the throne.
8:46 am
that isn't going to happen now by the way but as you say there's a little bit of a journey now for kate. we know she's pregnant. you know that needs to be, she needs to be healthy and looked after. she clearly is being and we don't yet know when the baby is due. >> certainly global well wishes forming to send the happy couple and we wish them nothing but the best. thank you. we're back with much more right after this. >> boomers approaching retirement? make future plans you've always wanted to do like travel or write that novel. get involved in community activities. volunteer to help others. make new friends. join organizations with members that share your interests. and stay healthy and stay sharp. consider take adult ed or college courses. [ male announcer ] alka-seltzer plus presents the cold truth. i have a cold, and i took nyquil, but i'm still "stubbed" up. [ male announcer ] truth is, nyquil doesn't unstuff your nose.
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>> lgbt couples in america waiting on the high supreme court. the supreme court took no action on any of the ten cases that dealt with same sex marriage. several cases deal with the defense against marriage act. the court could still opt to take on any of those cases and
8:50 am
perhaps come back with a consideration by this friday. the ongoing legal fight for marriage equality and other lgbt rights is a stark reminder how other parts of the world is not evolved. in uganda, hate legislation is being pushed by the country's parliament a bill that criminalizes being lgbt punish able by death. that means approximatelydeath. 500,000 people could be imprisoned or sentenced to death. activists are all over the globe coming out against this so-called kill the gay's bill. frank is not only an acty sfris uganda but a man who's life is threatened by this legislation. joining him is fellow civil rights carrie kennedy. the center awarded frank for his efforts in uganda. good to have you here. you've been fighting this bill for years. david cato who is a friend of yours, recently killed in uganda for his work against fighting this bill.
8:51 am
you've taken over his work. but are you basically handing yourself a death sentence by being on a program like this putting yourself in a line of fire? >> yes. i've been fighting this legislation for a long time now and if this legislation is passed into law, i will definitely be put life in prison or life -- or sentenced to death. and right knew, i'm here in new york with the human rights and have been providing a lot of support in trying to stop this legislation. the speaker says she wants to pass it as a christmas gift for ugandans. >> it is the pipeline, moved through a certain lower form of government there working up for a vote within parliament. carrie, why does the rfk center want to highlight a sister like frank and what is taking place in uganda? in america we're celebrating what we saw in the election with four ballot measures winning by popular vote when it comes to marriage equality and think
8:52 am
about what's taking place in uganda, it's a huge die cotty. >> that's right. uganda is one of the worst places on earth for gay, lesbian, transgender rights. but being gay is illegal in more countries than it is not legal. so -- than it is legal. so it's a worldwide problem and frank is really a great hero on this as you've just heard. his life is in danger every single day, and yet he continues to take on this important human rights work. >> frank, as we know, secretary of state hillary clinton recently gave a speech during her tenure saying that gay rights are human rights. when you hear someone as powerful as secretary of state hillary clinton making a statement like that, is that what helps embolden you with your work for the people in uganda? >> thank you. also the awards for such high
8:53 am
profile and the words from the secretary give me inspiration. it brings legit human rights as well. >> where it stands with this trying to move as being approved befores christmas as a christmas gift to the ugandan people, what is the likelihood that will help? >> this legislation could go on the floor of parliament any day, if it steps on the floor it's to ps pass very high, because a big percentage of parliament do support this legislation. those that don't support it are likely not to vote because it's a popular issue in uganda. >> carrie, one thing the rfk centers has are the awards. frank has been an award recipient in the past. whose work are you trying to highlight now and bring forward into the spotlight? >> this here we gave the rfk award to labrada paez who is a
8:54 am
farm worker in upstate new york. farm workers in new york don't have a right to a day off per week, don't have the right to overtime pay, to form a union. tare' terribly abused. tonight we're giving the rfk ripple of hope award to vincent may, a great human rights activist and taylor swift. it's going to be a great evening. you're going to be joining us. >> yes. >> and we're also so grateful to you because we have our rfk on-line auction that people can go and if you care about issues like frank's, you can come on to the auction and support his work and support all of our work. and come on this show and meet you and go on "morning joe" and go -- if you watch the other channel, you can meet bill o'reilly. >> the other channel. >> another one of those channels. >> another one of those channels. there are great items that people have donated to the auction site. carrie and frank, thanks so
8:55 am
much. we'll show you, we have been able to put up an item to come to the set to visit us. they can check it on your auction set. your nephew got married? >> my neef few got married on saturday. joe kennedy, future congressman. starts in january. very excited. >> that's a lot going on. he's got the fact that he just got married, elected to congress, 2013 will be a big year for him for sure. >> that's right. >> thanks so much. and that wraps up this hour for me. there's the charity buzz to go to find out more about what we've donated here for a set visit at msnbc. i'm back tomorrow at 11:00 eastern. wolf "now" with alex wagner is coming you. >> the path leading to the fiscal cliff takes a critical turn to nowhere. we will talk moves and strategy with michael steele, lee gallagher, franklin fore, and luke russert. scorpion consumer and presidential finger wagger jan brewer picks a fight with the white house over immigration.
8:56 am
her effort to undermine the gop's sterling immigration record. and musician entertainer and would-be cultural ambassador andrew wfrmts kay joins us to discuss his outreach to the middle east and the importance of partying hard on the international stage. all of that when "now" starts in a mere 180 seconds. [ loud party sounds ] hi, i'm ensure clear... clear, huh? i'm not juice or fancy water. i've got nine grams of protein. that's three times more than me! [ female announcer ] ensure clear. nine grams protein. zero fat. in blueberry/pomegranate and peach. i'd like to thank eating right, whole grain, multigrain cheerios! mom, are those my jeans? [ female announcer ] people who choose more whole grain tend to weigh less than those who don't. multigrain cheerios
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